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Visit South West Scotland – Dark Skies Campaign 2021/22

Visit South West Scotland has secured £50k in funding from the Destination & Sector Marketing Fund to deliver a campaign focusing on the Dark Skies. This campaign is designed to drive demand in particular in the off-season and help support your tourism businesses across the south west when you most need it.

The campaign has to be built and delivered by end of March 2022, which means we have to move quickly! So please do get involved, whether that’s through helping us deliver great content, creating your own Dark Sky offering, or simply supporting the campaign on social media!

The Campaign in a Nutshell.

Targeting: The campaign will be designed to target the three most relevant visitor segments as defined in Visit Scotland market segmentation research. Those include Natural Advocates, Adventure Seekers and Engaged Sightseers.

Content: We will commission three promotional videos, a suite of photography and three blogger visits which will form the basis for both paid and organic social media campaign to drive brand awareness. We will create a suite of landing pages on and a set of themed online itineraries to make it easy for visitors to plan their trip to the Dark Skies.

How Can You Get Involved?

Tell us about your Dark Sky Offering:

Right now we are looking for offerings across the region to feature in our video, photography, blogs, web pages and itineraries. So whether you are a guide offering Dark Sky tours, walks or bike rides, or an accommodation provider with a great location to star gaze, or an attraction with a great view of the night sky where visitors can access after dark, WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!! Simply click on the link to get in touch.

Please get in touch asap, but at the latest by close of day Friday 24th September.

Create an offering:

If you don’t already have a dark sky offering, that doesn’t mean you cannot get involved. The vast majority of this region has extremely low levels of light pollution, well below what is seen across the central belt of Scotland and almost the entirety of England. It is something lots of us take for granted, BUT it’s something we need to SHOUT about, because the majority of UK residents don’t have access to it!! Check out this light pollution map to see what we mean.

If you’re just getting started, you don’t need to have Brian Cox on standby to offer something of value to your guests!! Simply highlight that you have outdoor space where they can comfortably enjoy the night sky. You could offer something as simple as reclining chairs, blankets, maybe even a hot chocolate!

Engage with the campaign:

You don’t have to have a specific dark sky offering to get involved. By using the Dark Skies as a hook, we’re encouraging more visitors to come to our region in the off-season, which will benefit all of our members. And by working together, we can ensure as many people as possible see the campaign. Every like, follow and share that you give the campaign is a huge help.

Tell us about anything Dark Sky related

If you know of any Dark Sky related offerings, experts, photography, videography or anything/anyone you feel could be of value to the campaign, please do let us know. We are doing our best to reach out to anyone we know of in the region, but with your help we can make sure not to miss any great opportunities!

So watch this space, we will keep you posted as the campaign is being developed and launched.

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