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Sorbie Tower

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sorbie tower on SWC300

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Sorbie Tower




Sorbie Tower is a striking ancient keep and dates back to the 16th century.

The Tower and surrounding land is owned by the Clan Hannay Society and is gradually being restored. The Tower was built on the site of an even older wooden fort – 12th century the foundations of which can still be seen. There are guided tours of the tower one day a week during the summer and visitors are always welcome to view the tower, its gardens and picnic in the grounds.

In November 2017, Sorbie Tower hit the headlines displaying a “weeping window” of thousands of hand knitted and crocheted poppies which were hung from one of the tower’s windows. This attracted thousands of visitors and it is planned to repeat this for 2018.

Sorbie Tower is approximately half way between Sorbie and Garlieston.










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