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If you cannot remember your password to allow you to login to update your listing. It’s very simple to request a new one, simply follow the steps below, to request/create a new password.

Simply open the Login page, enter either your username or email address at the top of the form (highlighted here) and then hit the Lost your password? link at the bottom of the form (highlighted here).

Once you have entered your username or email address, then hit get new password button. The system will now email you a reset password link. Check your emails.

You will receive an email with a reset password link, click on that link.

A new browser window will open where you can reset your password. The system will suggest a password (see pictured). If you wish you can copy this password and then Save this password which you can use to login.

OR, you can click into the password box, delete the suggested password and create your own password before saving.

If you enter too weak a password, you will get a warning saying it’s very weak, to use it you will have to tick the Confirm use of a weak password box. But by simply adding eg a punctuation mark or number instead of a letter this can make the password stronger so it ranks as medium strength. This is our recommendation to help ensure your page won’t be hacked.

Once you’ve save your password, simply hit the Login link and type in your username/email and new password.

You will arrive in the Members Area with links to the How To Guide, to explain how to update your listing and links to the editor.

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