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Kirkcudbright Events 2018 by Visit Kirkcudbright

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Throughout 2018 season

Kirkcudbright has a busy schedule of events throughout the 2018 season.


25 March          Kirkcudbright Farmers & Producers Market


30 Mar/1Apr   Village Fair

22 April             Kirkcudbright Farmer & Producers Market


6    May              Kirkcudbright Annual Plant Fair

13 May               Kircudbright Car Boot Sale

26 May               Half Marathon & Beeches Run

27 May               Kirkcudbright Farmers & Producers Market


10 June              Kirkcudbright Car Boot Sale

12 June              Kirkcudbright Historic Walk

14 -17 June        Kirkcudbright Jazz Festival

18 – 23 June      Art and Crafts Trail Taster

19 June              Kirkcudbright Historic Walk

23 June             Buckland Burn Up and Children`s Fun Run

23 – 24 June     Vintage Fair

24 June             Kirkcudbright Farmers & Producers Market

24 June             Galloway Childrens Festival

26 June             Kirkcudbright Historic Walk


3 July                 Kirkcudbright Historic Walk

8 July                 Car Boot Sale

10 July               Historic Walk

12 July               Kirkcudbright & District Pipe Band Night

14-15 July         Kirkcudbright Country Fair

17 July              Historic Walk

19 July              Scottish Night

20 July             Kirkcudbright Riding of the Marches

22 July             Farmers and Producers Market

24 July             Historic Walk

26 July             Scottish Night

31 July             Historic Walk


31 July             Historic Walk

2 August         Scottish Night

3 August         Maggie`s Tour of Old Kirkcudbright

3-6 August     Kirkcudbright Arts and Crafts Trail

9 August         Scottish Night

10 August      Maggie`s Tour of Old Kirkcudbright

12 August      Car Boot Sale

16 August     Scottish Night

17 August      Maggie`s Tour of Old Kirkcudbright

18 August     Rotary Club Fun Day Beer Tent Barbeque

18 August     Kirkcudbright Grand Parade

23 August     Scottish Night

24 August     Maggie`s Tour of Old Kirkcudbright

25 August     Floodlit Tattoo & Firework Display

25-26 August  Vintage Fair

26 August     Classic Car Rally

26 August     Rotary Club Duck Race High Tide

26 August     Farmers& Producers Market


9 September    Car Boot Sale

15 September  Autumn Plant Fair

30 September  Farmers & Producers Market


20-21 Oct         Vintage Fair

27-28 Oct         Kirkcudbright Food Festival

31 Oct                Halloween Ghost Walk


25 Nov              Farmers & Producers Market



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