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Thomas Telford, the man who made travel possible

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As you drive along the quiet roads of Dumfries & Galloway, over its elegant bridges that span rivers and valleys, even to the land’s end lighthouse on the Mull of Galloway, you will be in the presence of one of history’s greatest civil engineers, Thomas Telford. Famous for his extraordinary bridges, aqueducts, roads, canals and docks, Telford was born in Glendinning, Dumfriesshire in 1757.

A contemporary of Burns, for whom he wrote a touching poem on his death, Telford has been just as influential as his creative counterpart. As you cross Telford’s Tongland Bridge driving into Kirkcudbright Artists’ Town or watch the great beam of Telford’s lighthouse as the stars come out over The Mull, remember you are only where you are because Telford made it possible.

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