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The Scottish Borderland Reiver Trail 60

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The Scottish Borderland Reiver Trail 60


The Scottish Borderland Reiver Trail 60


A 60 Mile Day Tour of The Scottish Borderland.


Welcome, to what was, a few turbulent centuries ago, the Scottish Border Reiver geographical region! The wild, chaotic and disorganised natural depressions that complimented the sinister heather and moss-covered moorlands between Canonbie, Langholm, Newcastleton, as well as crossing the open country towards the southern territorial ascendency of this unique backdrop. It is the ongoing and living inheritance of a confused, but passionate intensity of an earlier period. Today, this land is at peace, other than the airborne hunters of prey, who soar across the skyline looking for a victim.

Five centuries ago, the resonating sound of hoof beats, a screech of steel abrasion against steel, the pungent smell of leather could all be detected across this wild land, and to complete this violent mix there were reprehensible men known as Border Reivers thundering through the night with a serious business plan in mind!  This was, not so long ago, normal Borderline life. With any Border, without doubt there are problems, and so it was with the Scottish Border. The area became a battleground, but not always shedding blood. To survive families had to raid and thieve what was readily available. But war’s the ‘Borderers’ game during the open season, their gain, their glory, their delight, to sleep the day, to maraud the night.’

It is important that the visitor to this remarkable locale remembers, you are about to travel back into the 16th century, during your brief but exciting excursion into the Scottish Borderland. Compared to what there was langsyne, there is little to witness by way of castles, pele towers and bastle houses, other than a few outlines of what was once a family home. An extraordinary amount of the structural remains from times gone-by, and connected to the Armstrong family, for that matter to any other domestic dwelling both North and South of the Scottish line, now lie mouldering beneath the land adjacent to the countless churchyards, remote border hillsides and the barren open land.

For the most part, and due to the vengeance and retribution wreaked upon those, in many cases, unfortunate families, over the previous centuries, and of course, following the 1603 Union of the Crowns, those buildings were raised to the ground. Many of the sites continue on as peaceful and pleasant grassy platforms, and in a number of cases, can only be accessed if permission is sought from local farmers and landowners.


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