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Loch Skerrow Halt

Gatehouse of Fleet
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Loch Skerrow Halt

Gatehouse of Fleet


One of the most remote and isolated points on the line from Dumfries to Portpatrick, and later Stranraer, Loch Skerrow halt is accessible only via the trackbed from either Mossdale or Gatehouse Station.
When the line was completed in 1865, Loch Skerrow was constructed as a water stop for the steam locomotives used on the line. With a plentiful supply available, water tanks and a pumping station were constructed. None save the stationmaster and possibly a railway worker or two inhabited this lonely place unconnected to any other habitation except by the line itself.

Those with an interest in lost railway will find the walk worthwhile. After closure of the line, Loch Skerrow halt was abandoned, its few houses left to decay until the Army on exercises finished the job with ordnance as a few remaining pieces of smashed equipment bear witness. Parts of the platform remain though nature is overtaking them. Water still flows from a culvert that would have fed the pumps. Standing on this desolate spot on a warm summer’s day, sufferers from railway nostalgia can perhaps visualise the sight and hear the sound of the “Paddy” on its way to the coast.


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