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Kitchen Coos and Ewes

Newton Stewart
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Kitchen Coos and Ewes
High Airyolland
New Luce
Newton Stewart

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Kitchen Coos and Ewes

Authentic working farm experiences lead by the people who love and look after the animals every day.
Airyolland farm is situated in the Southern Uplands of Scotland within the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere.
Neale and Janet McQuistin took on the tenancy of the farm 28 years ago, 10 days after they got married.
They breed Beltex sheep and the iconic native breed to Scotland, Highland Coos.
Between the two of them Neale and Janet have accumulated 110 years of farm living and they want to share what they have learned with you! They can tell you all everything about the many generations of Beltex bloodlines in their record-breaking flock and the social structure within the Highland Cattle fold.
Learn about the interesting variety of different breeds that were carefully selected to utilise the different habitats on the farm before enjoying a traditional farmhouse spread of food and drink. Grab your camera or your sketchbook and charcoals, because there are so many highlights on one of these tours, you’ll want to capture them all.
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