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Arden Holiday Cottage Activity and Leisure Packages



Arden Holiday Cottage Activity and Leisure Packages


Here at Arden Cottage, we offer some really unique experiences to make your getaway that little bit more memorable. Click on the images to find out more about each self catering package. You can also rent the cottage to run your own workshops or gaming events in our open plan living space. Contact us for dates and availability.

Geek Retreat :
Here at Arden Holiday Cottages we love to game, especially table top board gaming . Maybe that comes from when we were young and we sat around as a family playing the old fashioned board games like Monopoly, Cluedo, Buckaroo. When we grew up we realised there was a lot more to board gaming and we thought this is amazing lets do more !  So we visited as many board game cafes as we could and went to events across the country meeting a really friendly bunch of people and got stuck in quite a few Escape Rooms. Then we got to thinking…  wouldn’t it be great to be able to go on holiday and do all these things all year round? We looked around and found nowhere to do this except one off events.  So we decided to create a place for people to come and play games whatever their speciality. 
Escape Room: The Frightful Fairies of Arden Cottage
In the still of the night in a sleepy Scottish village, with a flutter of wings and a giggle and a glare, the Portencorkrie Fairies have come to exact a cold and cunning revenge…
Created especially for this idyllic, seductive setting, this immersive Escape Room combines the rich history and fascinating folklore of Irongray, Dumfries and Galloway, and the hills and glens of Scotland herself, making it educational as well as entertaining. So when do you arrive? There’s not a second to lose! The bells are tinkling, the fairy lights burn bright, and we truly need your help! You’ll have an hour to uncover the clues, counteract the curse, and solve the mystery before the cottage belongs to the fairies forever!
Do you have what it takes to defeat the frightful fairies of Arden Holiday Cottage? Don’t delay—Mystery and Magic await!
New for 2021
For our younger guests who may find the Frightful Fairies too difficult – we now have an Escape Room Experience for 6-10 year olds. Escape to a world of Magic and Sorcery and solve the clues to save the day. 
The price for this new Escape Room for our younger guests is £20 per experience.  
Carry on Campaigning:
For one of us, board gaming developed into war gaming – of the historical kind, sourcing and painting figures, creating scenery and making models. From the skirmishes of the French Indian Wars to grand battles of the Napoleonic era. There was also some D&D thrown in for extra spice.
Boardgame Bonanza:
We often thought wouldn’t it be great if you could camp in a boardgame café for a few days and just play games all day long and late into the night. Then grab a few hours sleep and wake up and play some more games without having to go to the effort and cost of booking a hotel.  As yet, we haven’t been able to find a place like this – so that gave us the idea for our Boardgame Bonanza package!
Leisurely Legacy:
 We decided to create a place for people to come and play Legacy games without any distractions. Our space is a self catering holiday cottage which sleeps 5 . It has a big open plan ground floor with lots of space to set up a legacy game for the entirety of your stay without having to pack it away.
The Crafty Hare Workshops:
Arden Holiday Cottage now has it’s very own Artist In Residence!
We are very excited to have Dr Jan Hogarth as our Artist in Residence. She will be available to run workshops or 1 to 1 classes with you or your group during your stay. Perfect if you would like to make your break that extra bit special. 
Dr Jan Hogarth has been passionate about art and landscape from a very early age, riding and walking through landscape inspired her to study fine art at degree and masters level before embarking on one of the first practice led PhDs in environmental art. Her practice brings together walking and sensing nature through sketching.
Relax and Chill Retreat:
This retreat is for you and four friends to spend 3 nights in our 4 star self catering holiday cottage and learn a little bit more about how to chill out! Your host, Hester, facilitates training across the UK in educational establishments to help people understand what can cause stress and ways to help relieve it. She is an education consultant and MHFA First Aid trainer. During your stay Hester will run workshops and lead mindfulness sessions to help you find new ways to combat this fast pace way of life many of us are living.


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