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2015 AGM


MINUTES OF THE ADGAP AGM held at the Cally Palace Hotel on Wednesday 4th November 2015.

Those present: Gordon Colquhoun (GC) & Irene Colquhoun, Liz Chambers (LC), Ian & Jane McAndrew, Ronnie Bradford, Pam Slater, Hilary & Barry Harkness, Guy & Jane Pounder, Christine Dillon, Eddie Gladstone, Martin Gould, Sharon O’Rourke, Lorna Hall, Allan Doyle, David Burchell, Jean Burchell, Caroline & Sewart McKean, Neville Wright, Carol Fawcus, Patricia Picken, Sue Mc Niven, Simon Madle, Moyra Davidson, Rod Davidson

The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked all those attending for coming

  1. 29 proxies had been received and apologies were recorded from Olive Grant, George & Mary Leech, Eileen Toolis, Lynn Watt, Margery Burnett, Fiona Colley, Mike Alexander, Gayle Holmes, Linda Marshall, Emily Gaw, Dave & Jane Gilmore, Hilda Johnston, Emma Boyes, Ian & Liz Wilbur, David Fulton, John Kane, Duncan McCready, Linda Birdsall, Gordon Allan, Hilda Hilditch, Laura McCready, Melinda Kennedy, Vicky Moulton, Catherine Elliot, Fred Findlay, Carol Naylor, Andrew McIntosh, Gary Cross, Phil & Wendy Hines, Karen Hall, Andy Collard, Paul Aram, Angus Fordyce, John Glover, Alison Elkins, Peter & Hilary Wray, Neil Fisher, Brian Jackson
  1. The Minutes of the 2014 AGM having been circulated were proposed as correct by Sue McNiven, this seconded by Liz Chambers.
  1. There were no matters arising that would not be covered within the agenda.
  1. The Chairman reported that it had been a busy year. The one matter which needed to be mentioned was the then proposed relationship with DDG. We had told the membership that we were exploring throwing our lot in with DDG and talks were taking place. However events overtook this in that the Council removed their funding for DDG, under EEC rules, and DDG declared had no choice other than to declare itself insolvent and ceased trading at the end of 2014. The Chairman had tried to secure the assets and funds of the DDG but the rest of that committee had voted for the funds to go to the Chamber of Commerce with talk of a forum for tourism being founded. The last year was one of other uncertainty with the independence referendum, with a perceived cooling of relations with the English. In addition the Chairman questioned whether the SNP landslide may or may not put off our English visitors. The Chairman had met our SNP MP, Mr Arkless with no meeting of minds. However, the Committee is still in touch with him. The work of the Association has been carried out by a small but strong committee, for which he thanked them.

5          Treasurer’s Report

These had been circulated. The treasurer reported that the subscriptions were slightly down, but we still have operating funds of about £3,000. We were grateful for the contributions from the Golf Group and DDG towards th circulation of the See, Do, Stay & Play leaflet, and the majority of expenditure was on the website. No questions were raised about the accounts.

  1. Appointment of Auditors

It was proposed by Gordon Colquhoun that Bell & Ogilvy be appointed again as Auditors, given their modest charges of £250 which was seconded by S McKean

  1. Changes to the constitution

These have been available on the website for members to view. The object of the changes is to change the name of the association to “Visit South West Scotland” – which is already the name of the website, to broaden the membership base to include other tourism businesses, and a few technical changes to bring the officers descriptions up to date and to allow a less onerous quorum for meetings. A view expressed from the floor was that this was a jolly good idea, and the changes were approved unanimously.

  1. Membership Secretary’s Report

This is appended

At the end of her report the membership secretary thanked IC, secretary for her service over the last eleven years.

  1. 2015 Subscription

The membership fee will remain at the current level of £50 per establishment, reduced to £45 for payment before the end of the year, with an extra payment of £10 per extra page, if required. Invoices and reminders will be generated by the website. This was proposed by EC and seconded by GC

  1. Election of Officers

GC confirmed that he would not be standing again as Chairman but will continue with his duties as Treasurer and will act as Secretary until a replacement can be found following the resignation of IC. Fred Findlay will continue to serve as a committee member, as will Karen Hall who was coopted after the last AGM. Ian McAndrew has been nominated as Chairman, and Liz Chambers is willing to continue as Membership Secretary until a replacement can be found, and is also nominated as Vice Chairman. There being no other candidates this was unopposed. GC handed over the chair to IM, but addressed the members present an asked them to check that the See, Do, Stay and Play was in their area, and urged them to take copies of the leaflets to be able to refer guests to other members if they were full. He also reminded members that the organisation can only continue with the help of members.

IM took the chair and took the opportunity to thank IC for her sterling work, and LC & GC for continuing with their excellent service. He further reinforced our need for new members and committee members. It is not onerous. Thec ommittee try and make it easy and would love to welcome more member to Visit South West Scotland.

11        Any Other Business

Carol Fawcus had contacted the Secretary about the subject of online reviews, a troubling matter for many members. A discussion followed regarding the best method of dealing with these, and concluded with the advice that litigation is being started in the USA, and we must therefore watch with interest for developments.

12        Date of next meeting

This was not set and discussions will be held depending on Feedback from the meeting.


Membership secretary’s report 2015

I never expected to be here. However, there are just a few of us who have kept ADGAP going for the last few years, and as 1 or 2 of them need to take more of a backseat, I decided to hang on for another year, in the hope that I could help to oversee an efficient and effective handover in 2016.

My year begins soon after the AGM, trying to collect membership fees. Thankfully, more and more of you elect to pay by BACS =bank transfer-and this year, we are asking that all cheques are sent direct to the treasurer. Please always remember to allocate your membership number or business name to your payment so that we know who has paid!

Throughout Spring, members of the committee were working hard on the new website, and we feel that we now have a site that is functional and will work for all our members to direct more traffic to their sites. It still needs more optimisation work; back in July, we managed to engage with the Business Gateway, and the Council supported our request for a full report about our on-line activity. Sadly, after an initial debriefing session with John Paterson, he had personal problems which prevented him from delivering a written report. We remain in contact with the council to see if anyone can pick up on this. All this takes time and commitment from your committee.

At the end of 2014, Destination D&G was ended. As a founder member and sometime Chair, I was hugely saddened by this. I know that Gordon C. tried, at the final board meeting, to promote ADGAP as the only active constitutional group that promoted tourism in the region so that it could ‘inherit’ the assets of DDG. Sadly, the remnants of the board voted to hand these to the Chamber of Commerce on the promise that they would found a Tourism Forum. (I was not able to be there as I was in hospital).

Nothing more was heard from the Chamber until September, when I responded to an invite from Ronnie Bradford to all those interested in tourism in D&G. 12 of us met, representing just 7 businesses plus myself as ADGAP! It was clear from this that, whilst there was enthusiasm for a group to push a Tourism Forum ahead, no-one was prepared to put in the hours to get everything going, and the Chamber would simply support such a group, rather than be the prime leader. A further meeting is anticipated in November but there is no fixed date.

It is not my place to give advice, but I do ask what more is required than an already established group with a good membership and a willingness to embrace all types of businesses. Surely VisitSouthWestScotland is the way forward.

On a practical note, we have this week finally received from the Chamber as promised the library of images that were sourced by DDG. They are available for use by our members. The projector is also owned by DDG.

I have attended various meetings representing ADGAP throughout the year, including 2 Regional Marketing Strategy group meetings hosted by VS at the request of DGC. These are very valuable opportunities to influence the direction of expenditure on tourism for the region. Paula will vouch for the fact that I have been like a terrier at her heels to ensure that a map of Scotland, highlighting D&G now appears on all their printed advertising. We have also been proactive in encouraging an extension from our usual stamping ground of the north of England and central belt to newer markets like the south east.

Ian McAndrew and I had an interesting meeting with Malcolm Roughead at Dumfries House back in September, along with various folk from Ayrshire, Arran and Lanarkshire. It is a salutary lesson to us all that other regions are finding it tough and how tough we have to be to fight our corner with VS.

Finally, I have been active in a recent forum to kick start the new D&G tourism strategy. There is a survey to complete if you are interested in the direction of tourism in the next 5 years. Please join the LJB Consulting occupancy survey.

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