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About Our Area

South West Scotland is a special mixture of coast and mountains. The main drivers of our economy are tourism, farming and forestry. South West Scotland has a wonderfully mild climate so that we are famed for our gardens, particularly in the west of the region.

In South West Scotland we like to have fun! And why not? We want you to feel good about, well, everything. So, whether it is high art or walking, food or jazz. Books or kids or country and western. Poetry or sailing or singing or Robert Burns. Biking, running or rallying. Mining or weaving or gardening or cycling. Tree-felling or baking or growing or dancing. Star-gazing or bird watching … there’s always something fun to do for everyone of any age.

Creativity is everywhere in South West Scotland. It’s in the air, on hilltops, in valleys, by lochs and deep in the Galloway Forest Park. Experience the wonder of the starry night sky; stride into the future alongside inspiring environmental art. Indulge your senses with flavourful food, drink and songs of love. Uncover the secrets of so many small towns.  Share the vision of great artists, inventors, writers and philosophers. Contemplate a past where man sought to track the planets and understand the very nature of space and time.

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